Maxy Landriscina


Maxy has been passionate about board sports since he was very young. He started surfing on the west coast of France. He grew up in the French Alps and has been passionate about snowboarding since he was 4 years old.
He took up wakeboarding, a natural choice for a snowboarder, but was converted to kiteboarding in 2014 by his wife and his father in law. It immediately became a passion. Every weekend, summer and winter, he alternates between the Monteynard lake and the Alpine mountains. His next goal is to travel to the most beautiful kite spots with my wife and daughter. After having gone through several kite brands, he found airwave to be a very good atmosphere, a reputable brand in the world of paragliding, a very stable and playful kite (koala) with beautiful colors.


  • Age : 32
  • Current kit : Koala 8 10
  • Top sites : Monteynard Lake
  • Gig : Expert, Product Quality in metrology
  • Bad weather fillers : Basketball