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Tech Tips


Learn about everything from rigging to wing ranges in this short informative technical video about our favorite single skin kite; the ALMA! さらに

World First Kite 1080!


Maxime Nocher just pulled off the impossible – a Kite 1080 or 3X Around the World using our brand new ALMA 15m! It's an awe-inspiring trick, and we can hardly believe it's possible, let alone three times!
This remarkable feat is all thanks to the... さらに

Alma – You are the one!



I’ve come here to meet you, between the elements.
Inside this perpetual dance between air and water."

Alma is our versatile foil-hybrid kite for hyrdofoil, snow, surf, twintip, and land kiting. さらに

Beach play in Vias, by Maxy Landriscina


April, the water is good, the town is quiet and most importantly the ice cream is top notch ????
Beaches are deserted... excellent east/south-east sessions... edges along the coast to get your thighs warmed up.

Alone in the world ????

Kite 8m... さらに

Un petit tour au Col du Lauteret?


Without music so you can enjoy the sound of the powder! Maxy Landriscina snowkiting at Col du Lauteret, France.
"Excellent spot, big up to the very nice locals!" さらに

Spot Autrans – Just for Fun!


Team Rider Maxy Landriscina enjoys 15cm of fresh snow with the Koala 8 in Autrans, SE France, January 2022. さらに

Koala 12


Tyr Goldsmith, checking the first Koala 12 off the production line, and having a right royal blast! さらに

Col Agnel - Koala Snow Kiting - AIRWAVE


The Airwave team converged on Col Agnel this winter to test out the latest Koala sizes! They were lucky to score some epic wind and snow conditions and this is the short story. さらに

AIRWAVE - Manifesto


It’s been a long and exciting journey for Airwave. The company started out in a garage on the Isle of Wight in the ‘80s, designing hang gliders. Our path has taken many turns, always driven by our passion for flying. Now in the south of France,... さらに

Aqua Dynamics - Airwave Factory


We are proud to manufacture all our our kites in Aqua Dynamics on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. We have been working with them for many years and there craftsmanship it outstanding. さらに