Maxime Desjardins


Young French rider Maxime-Luan Desjardins joined the Airwave Riders Team, and then almost straight away went on to become Hydrofoil Freestyle World Vice-Champion, placing second in the GKA Hydrofoil Freestyle world Cup in Fortaleza, Brazil, with the Koala. The 19-year-old is still at high school in Dunkirk. All Photos: Svetlana Romantsova / GKA Kite World Tour

#Foil, #Big Air, #Freestyle

  • 年齢 : 22
  • 現在のキット : Koala
  • ギグ : Student
  • 悪天候 : kiting of all kinds: land, snow,



Alma – You are the one!



I’ve come here to meet you, between the elements.
Inside this perpetual dance between air and water."

Alma is our versatile foil-hybrid kite for hyrdofoil, snow, surf, twintip, and land kiting. さらに

Tech Tips


Learn about everything from rigging to wing ranges in this short informative technical video about our favorite single skin kite; the ALMA! さらに