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A versatile foil-hybrid kite for hyrdofoil, snow, surf, twintip, and land kiting.

Size Alma


Коэффициент линейного масштабирования 0.6 0.7 0.9 1 1.1 1.2 1.4
Проекционная площадь (m²) 2.1 3 4.4 5.9 7.4 8.8 11
Площадь (m²) 3 4 6 8 10 12 15
Вес крыла (kg) 0.7 0.88 1.18 1.42 1.62 1.98 2
Количество основных рядов (A/B/C) 3/3/3
Воздухозаборники 31/5
Удлинение 4.8 4.9 5 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.3
Проекционное удлинение 3.1 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.3 3.3 3.4
Хорда (m) 0.9 1.1 1.3 1.5 1.7 1.9 2.1
Длина крыла 3.7 4.4 5.5 6.5 7.2 7.9 8.9
Проекционная длина крыла 2.5 3 3.8 4.4 5 5.4 6.1
Recommended line lengths (m) 17 17 17 17 18 18 18
Recommended bar width (cm) 50 50 50 50 62 62 62
Twin Tip Wind Range (knots) 28-52 21-41 18-35 15-29 13-26 10-23 7-18
Foil/Land Wind Range (Knots) 22-38 18-31 13-24 11-19 9-16 7-13 4-12



I’ve come here to meet you, between the elements.
Inside this perpetual dance between air and water.

This fascinating balance that you poise so elegantly fuels our chemistry. The pulse of passion that leads me in this endless choreography. You are with me, in the frenzy of the chaos, and through my purest moments of plenitude. 

I am one with you.

The subtle push and pull, the blur and bliss of a moment I am after. A palette of emotions. A rhythm that resonates with my evolution. 

A refined sense of control, that you allow me to access, converts itself into a unique language. I come to realise that I am here to create my lines, with no boundaries. With the confidence that you will adapt to any situation. 

The art in every movement. The simplicity of our harmony has awakened my curiosity. 

You are the one Alma, the one that brings me to life. 

– Dorian LeBihan

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Morphing aerofoil

The shape of the kite's aerofoil is designed to change when it is powered or depowered. As a result, the power to depower ratio is exceptional. Powered up, a high-camber aerofoil provides all the lift you need; Depowered, the aerofoil turns into a low-lift, super stable reflex profile, so wyou can have absolute confidence when overpowered, even in the worst conditions.

Lightweight Durable Structure

The Alma is designed with a unique lightweight concept. As a result, with with standard and durable materials, the kite is 20% lighter than the lightest 5-strut LEI kite on the market

Cord Cut Billow (CCB)

Технология Cord Cut Billow была разработана для улучшения трения формы, устойчивости крыла и общих характеристик наших кайтов. Два шва проходят по хорде на верхних панелях передней кромки, чтобы компенсировать раздувание панели, которое происходит при надувании крыла. По бокам надутой плоской панели, изгибающейся над профилем крыла, образуется до пяти сантиметров лишнего материала. Технология Cord Cut Billow поглощает материал с помощью 3D-кроя, что приводит к уменьшению волнистости и улучшенной форме профиля рёбер и устойчивости.

Ram-air inflatable struts

Unlike other single-skin hybrid kites on the market, the Alma has 5 closed cells. Combined with long high density nylon rods, they become nearly as stiff as classical inflated struts with bladders. They stop the top surface from fluttering when the bar is released


The flexible structure of the kite does not make the relaunch more difficult, quite the opposite! In more than 12 knots, the kite will relaunch itself as long as the rider keeps the lines taut. In lighter winds, two techniques can be used : the LEI kite approach, pulling on one line, or the classical foil kite approach, pulling on both back lines.

High-arc design

The high arc makes the kite very agile and stable

Smart drainage system

The kite has a drainage channel at the end of the double-skin region and at the trailing edge of the inflatable struts

Minimalistic bridle layout

A huge number of structural simulations were performed in order to minimise line consumption and reduce the number of attachment points. As a result, the kite has the simplest bridle line layout of any foil kite for it's class. So the lines do not tangle easily and you will be up and ready in seconds.

Reduced Flutter

The Alma has very minimal flutter compared to other single-surface kites, which is a game-changer when it comes to the way it performs and feels. The low flutter was achieved by careful tensioning of the sail, and by the shape, positioning and rigidity of the five closed cells.


The ALMA is a light, stable and versatile kite for hydro foiling and snow kiting. It’s a new-technology design, never seen on a kite before. A monofoil-hybrid, the front half is inflated closed cells, the back is single surface, and five inflatable spars add structure and rigidity.

The ALMA is very light but is made of standard-weight, durable fabrics. It combines the best features of foil and tube kites.

It is very easy to re-launch unaided, stays airborne in light breezes and is easy to control and forgiving of positioning errors. Power generation is progressive making for fast and controllable loops. It’s amazing for hydrofoiling, great for twin-tip, and perfect for technical ascents on snow.

The ALMA is delivered without a bar. A bar can be ordered from the shop

Recommended bar size 3, 4, 6, 8 = 50cm, 10, 12, 15 = 60cm

Designer Notes

The Alma is the outcome of the collaboration between Airwave designer Tom Lolies and multiple world champion Maxime Nocher as test rider. From the start we felt that hybrid single skins foil kites had a huge a potential. We assumed that with a lot of research in development we could create a kite that would combine the best of the tube kite and foil kite worlds:

– A kite 20% lighter than the lightest tube kite on the market, yet using strong and durable materials
– Low bar pressure, nice bar feedback
– Progressive power generation in loop or gusts for easy foiling and surfing
– Low packing volume for snowkite and touring adventures
– Super tight turn radius, kiteloop and megaloop machine
– Instantaneous depower
– Super simple line layout, no tangling
– Easy relaunch
– Rock solid stability even in strong turbulence

After a year of intense R&D, Thousands of computational hours, many prototypes and countless trim configurations, we are very proud to present that will surely transform your riding regardless of your style. Initially optimised for foiling, it also performs in wave riding, strapless surfing and twintip riding.

The structural design of the Alma is truly different. An hybrid single skin with a high aspect ratio, a radical arc, and 5 closed cells stiffened with high modulus nylon wire stopping any flutter of the canopy. Also, it is by far the single skin with the simplest line layout on the market with only 6 attachment points per side, for each of the 3 line levels of the kite.

Despite the use of strong and durable cloth, it is still 300g lighter than the lightest LEI (Leading Edge Inflatable) kite on the market (for the size 12).

The Alma offers a very progressive and fast loop, making foil manoeuvres and technical ascents on snow much easier. It forgives piloting errors thanks to a very progressive power generation, ideal for foiling.

The drift is incredibly efficient so you can surf without fear of letting the lines go slack. If you push the limits and it happens anyway, the kite will re-fly gently without a strong pull in the harness making it also very safe for riding in turbulent conditions.

The power to depower ratio is exceptional giving every size a wide range of use.

It relaunches without any action from the rider in winds above 12 knots, and, in lighter winds, can be relaunched by pulling both back lines (foil kite style) or one back line (LEI kite style).

Riding Level / Style

Package includes

Alma Kite / Airwave Stickers / Kite Rucksack / Kite Band / Airwave T-Shirt / Manual Card


Internal structure Porcher Skytex 40g/m² Hard
Nose reinforcing 2mm Perlon black
Top surface Porcher Skytex 38g/m2, 32g/m2, MJ Tex 32
Bottom surface Porcher Skytex 38g/m2, 32g/m2, MJ Tex 32
Pulleys Sprenger
Top lines Liros DC100 / DC60
Lower lines Liros PPSL180 / PPSL120
Brakes Edelrid 8001U series

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I’ve come here to meet you, between the elements.
Inside this perpetual dance between air and water."

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